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How To Connect Bluetooth Earphones To Phone

Ever since the introduction of Bluetooth earphones, music-lovers have been enjoying listening to their favorite tunes without the need to wire their earphones to any mobile devices. 

The Bluetooth technology in earphones and mobile devices has enabled a wire-free and hassle-free listening experience for all. Top manufacturers like GOVO are now introducing the best-in-class Bluetooth earphones with advanced connectivity features to elevate your music experience. 


It is fairly simple to connect Bluetooth earphones to phone you would need to turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, enable the pairing mode on your Bluetooth earphones, scan for a new Bluetooth device on your mobile and select pair to get connected.


But if you’re new to this earphone technology, take no worries our guide explains how to connect Bluetooth earphones to phones in the most simple and understandable way. So, keep reading. 


Which Type Of Headphones Can You Connect To The Phone?

Gone are the days when you had to untie your wired earphones for several minutes just to get your daily dose of music. With rapid technological advancement, the market is witnessing a significant increase in the types of headphones. 

Before jumping into how to connect Bluetooth earphones, learn about a few types of headphones that you can connect to the phone in the most seamless way possible

TWS or True Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds run on the latest Bluetooth technology (mostly Bluetooth 5.0) and are famous for their 100% wire-free design. The best-in-class TWS earbuds like the GOBUDS 920 come with a charging case, ensuring extended battery life and easy portability. 


Bluetooth Earphones (Neckband)

These earphones have become the most popular choice for music lovers who love to listen to their favorite tunes on the go. Whether it’s on a bus, train, or any busy street, you will never lose these earphones accidentally. The best neckband earphone - like the GOKIXX 900 - comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a powerful large driver and chipset for deep bass and pro-quality audio. 



How To Connect Bluetooth Earphones To A Phone (Android)?

These steps will help you learn how to connect Bluetooth earphones to mobile, so follow up:


Step 1: Charge Your Gadgets!

Before anything, remember to charge your Bluetooth earphones and the mobile phone. Although the full charge isn’t necessary, it should have minimum charging to avoid shutting down during the pairing process. 

Check out our detailed post on how to charge Bluetooth earphones to learn the best way to keep your earphones running for long


Step 2: Turn On Bluetooth On The Phone

Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device from the Settings app. Then, hold the pair button or turn on the switch adapter on your Bluetooth headphone. Hold/press the button for 5-10 seconds. 

Once the Bluetooth gets “ON” in your device, you’ll see the light blinking once or twice to show power. The time required to keep holding the ON/OFF button on the headset depends on the model. Do it until it enters the pairing mode. 

After being turned ON, a few Bluetooth headphones automatically send a pairing request to the mobile device. Also, the phone can automatically start looking for available Bluetooth devices. If this happens to you, move to step 4.


Step 3: Pair The Gadgets To Connect Them

Let’s say that you’re trying to pair a GOVO Bluetooth earphone that’s named “GOKIXX 900.” In that case, take your mobile device and go to:

Settings -> Connected Devices -> Pair New Devices -> Go through the available list of devices -> Find “GOKIXX 900” -> Tap on it -> Your device will ask for confirmation -> Tap on “Pair” -> It’s done! 


Step 4: Pairing Successful

Your phone will receive a message or notification saying that the pairing was successful. For instance, the device may say, “You’re now connected to GOKIXX.” 


How To Connect Bluetooth Earphones To An iPhone?


Step 1: Tap Settings 

You must tap on the gear-shaped icon - Settings - on the home screen.


Step 2: Tap Bluetooth 

You must click on Bluetooth while ensuring that the top slider is green. 


Step 3: Activate The Headphones Pairing Mode

Here, you’ll learn how to pair Bluetooth earphones with an iOS device. Simply press and hold the earphone’s power button to activate its pairing mode. Once ON, you’ll notice light blinking on the headphone. 


Step 4: Pair The Gadgets 

Lastly, find the name of your headphones on the list of available devices at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen. Click on it, give permission to pair, and get started. 


Enjoy Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity With The Best GOVO Earphones!

Knowing how to connect your Bluetooth earphones will enable you to get the most out of your investment. So, get the best GOVO earphones with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to enjoy seamless connectivity with some of these guidelines. 

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