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Whos Govo for ?

Life’s too short for “ok”.
Too short to have stuff in our lives that’s “ok, I guess”.
“But-I’m-almost-home!” battery life.
“But-it-only-fell-off-the-table” build quality.
“Has-somebody-stolen-the-bass?” sound quality.
We say NO to “ok”.
In 2022, we set out to make
stuff that’s better in little ways that make a big difference.
Stuff for people who expect more.
Who want the tunes to keep playing until they’re home.
Who are on a mission to stay up all night.
Who want to know they’ll feel great and look awesome, every day.
For people who want every day to be a WOW day.


We’re for the best days.
For the amazing days.
For the bold and the cheeky and the chill days.
For the joy days.
And the calm days.
And the days with friends and fun.
For “let’s stay out!” days.
For “one more tune!” days.
For “man, we all look awesome today” days.
These are ‘wow!’ days.
GOVO days.



GOVO was founded in Bangalore in 2021 and the entire brand has been developed in London keeping to the brands global aspirations. The Govo brand is designed for you. With a product range that grows with you and fits into your ever-changing lifestyle keeping the brand relevant as you move through your every day. Always moving, always adapting, just like its customers.