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Bluetooth Headphones Buying Guide

Imagine working out like a beast at the gym with your favorite rock-metal track playing in the background. Sounds exciting right? And you might be already experiencing some adrenaline-rush!

But, wait, how to make that happen? Exercising with all those wires and stuff is just not happening! So, here’s the rescue: BT earphones!

We cannot imagine our lives without seamless music, and that’s why we require the best Bluetooth headphones.

Wish to know what Bluetooth headphones are? Let’s check out.

What are Bluetooth Headphones?

In the world of technology, Bluetooth has existed for quite a long time. But what are Bluetooth headphones? These headphones are completely wireless or have a short wire to keep the drivers connected to your ears. It comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth transmitter to keep your music devices connected.

Let us now find out some excellent features of the wireless headphones.

Features of Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are seamlessly storming the market of musical entertainment. So with zero cable nooses and messy tangles, you can keep your devices connected via Bluetooth.

Some features of Bluetooth headphones include:

  • Rich Sound:The powerful chipset and drivers deliver excellent bass with rich audio.
  • Water Resistant:The splash proof water-resistant feature lets you enjoy music even when traveling on rainy days
  • Smart Noise Cancellation:This feature allows you to immerse deeply in music and forget the rest.

Let’s take a quick look at the available types of wireless headphones.

Types of Bluetooth Headphones

Technological advancements have brought about various types of Bluetooth headphones. Some of them are:

  • Wireless Headphones: It is wireless but with an additional jack port to plug-in jacks if required. .
  • TWS Headphones: These Bluetooth headphones are wireless and come with a charging case.
  • On-Ear Headphones:They usually have smaller ear pads which you can rest on your earlobes.
  • Over-Ear Headphones:It comes with enormous ear pads that cover your ears entirely.
  • In-Ear Headphones:These headphones come with slight yet powerful drivers inserted within your ear canal.

Let us now check out some things before you can buy Bluetooth headphones.

How to Buy Bluetooth Headphones?

If you aren’t tech-savvy, you might find it challenging to choose a suitable device. So we will guide you on how to buy Bluetooth headphones. The battery is of primary importance for these headphones, and you must check the excellence of their batteries. Next, you need to consider the sound quality and the voice command feature. You must also see whether you can perform all navigation handsfree.

You will find all these features in GOVO Bluetooth headphones. Let’s check out their compelling price ranges.

Bluetooth Headphones Price

GOVO has launched some high-end Bluetooth headphones for non-stop musical entertainment. Each ensures rich-quality sound and crisp bass for delivering actual audio to your ears. GOVO’s Bluetooth headphones prices are as follows:

  • GOBOLD 610: Forget the whole world and plunge into nonstop music to party all night long at just Rs. 1499 with these over ear headphones..
  • GOBOLD 600: Be the boss of your music and feel the groove from all the connected gadgets with these GOVO over the ear headphones at just Rs. 1399.
  • GOBOLD 410: Never let the party animal within you halt. Immerse yourself within crisp audio and DJ like sound quality at just Rs. 1199.
  • GOBOLD 400: Keep your workout sessions musical and enjoy the dynamic audio at just Rs. 1299 with these On-ear Bluetooth Headphones.

With the swaddle design with super touch control and long lasting grooving, GOVO has the finest collection of Bluetooth headphones. Say goodbye to wires and enjoy seamless Bluetooth connectivity with these cutting edge headphones. Get your best Bluetooth headphone from GOVO today and dive into the world of nonstop musical entertainment.


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