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How To Wear Bluetooth Earphones?

The craze and demand for premium-quality neckband earphones have increased significantly over the past few years. The best neckband earphones like the GOVO GOKIXX 900 are safe and comfortable for regular wear at the gym, office, public transport, and home.

In fairly simple steps to wear Bluetooth Earphones, you need to connect them to your phone, align the earpieces to your ears, wear them around your back and insert the earphones into your ears.

However, the correct way of wearing neckband earphones has still been an unresolved mystery for many people. Although you may consider what’s the big fuss in wearing them, having insights into a few pointers will undoubtedly help you get the best experience out of them. So, let’s take a look.


How To Wear Bluetooth Earphones (Neckbands) Behind The Neck?

The best neckband earphones are designed with a semi-flexible band attached with two earpieces on either side. These earphones are Bluetooth-enabled for elevating your convenience of use. So, let’s see how to wear them behind your neck.


Step 1: Connect the Bluetooth Earphones To Your Phone

It’s best to check whether your Bluetooth earphones are connected to your phone before putting them behind your neck. This will help you avoid unnecessary neck movement to check the neckband’s buttons.


Step 2: Check the Alignment of the Earpieces 

Premium-quality neckband earphones like the GOVO GOKIXX 610 come with earpieces aligned in a specific direction. It’s best to check the earphone’s alignment before wearing them behind your neck. This will save you time that would’ve been wasted while taking them off again. You can determine the alignment by looking for the letters R and L, which stand for Right and Left, respectively.


Step 3: Wear the Neckband Around Your Neck

Many people start wearing neckband earphones before considering the above factors. However, with a proper Bluetooth connection and correct alignment, and the neckband around your neck you can now insert the earpieces inside your ears and listen to your favourite tunes, make calls, or watch videos.


Step 4: Try a Variety of Ear Tips For The Best Fit

You must know that different brands offer different sizes of earpiece tips for the customers. The general rule is to go with a neckband earphone with medium tips. You can go with an earphone like the GOKIXX 900 that comes with silicon build texture as they offer optimal comfort for use. The medium tip size comes with a universal fit design and can ensure excellent comfort wear, irrespective of ear size.


Step 5: Use Stand-Alone Tips (Optional) 

This step applies to individuals who worry about worn-out tips or feel discomfort from silicon buildup. If you’re one of them, you don’t need to throw the good earphones away. You can add one of the best stand-alone tips that can easily fit the size of well-known brands like GOVO. For instance, you can choose to add foam tips to your earphones.


Step 6: Clean After Each Use 

You must know that the ears regularly produce a fresh layer of wax. So, when you insert the neckband earpieces deep inside for the best seal, it collects some of the wax in it.

So, if you don’t clean the wax after each use of the earphones, you’ll be shoving the wax back into your ears. This will result in an increased risk of earwax infection. Thus, cleaning your earphones with a dry, clean cloth after use becomes essential.


Steps For How To Wear On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones 


Step 1: Connect Your Bluetooth Headphones To Your Phone

Almost every on-ear headphone comes with Bluetooth technology for ease and convenience. However, you’ll find the availability of wired on-ear headphones too. Whatever it may be, connect them before wearing them on. It will help you avoid taking them off to resolve an issue.

Unlike in-ear headphones, here, you won’t have to deal with the issue of right-left alignment. These headphones come with frames that are designed so that you can never wear them incorrectly.


Step 2: Wear the Headphones from the Back

Use both your hands to hold the headphones behind your head. Remember to keep the ear cups a bit higher than your ears.

Then, lower the headphone until the frame sets up conveniently on the ear’s upper part. If the headphones get fastened over the ears, you can adjust the frame to ensure its comfortable placement.


Step 3: Make Adjustments Consistently 

These headphones can squeeze your ears if you’re using them for more than a few hours. In such a case, you’ll have to tilt them downward or upward from time to time to avoid the issue.


The Pros and Cons of Neckband Earphones


  • Neckband earphones from brands like GOVO ensure pro sound quality with a powerful driver & chipset for deep bass and PRO audio.
  • It helps you enjoy non-stop music with up to 12-hour battery life or more and type C charging input.
  • The best neckband earphones come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to ensure seamless connectivity for up to 30ft of range.
  • The latest earphones ensure Google and Siri assistance for enhanced convenience in use.
  • Another advantage of using neckband earphones is that you can wear them comfortably at the gym, office, public transport, and home.
  • Most neckband earphones are now designed with the IPX5 water-resistant feature to protect them from any liquid damage.
  • Lastly, the best thing about using these portable earphones is their active noise cancellation feature for an enhanced listening experience.



  • Their battery life is not as long and supportive as those with full-sized headphones.


Final Words

With rapid technological advancement, neckband earphones are becoming more and more beneficial, convenient, and popular. So, pick one for yourself from one of the best brands like GOVO today!

There are plenty of headphones out there, and picking the best is overwhelming. Our handy Bluetooth earphone buying guide will help you find the best one for you.


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