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8 Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas: August 2022 

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious and renowned Hindu festival celebrated yearly to signify a brother and sister’s pure and emotional relationship. 

The sister ties Rakhi (the holy thread) on their brother’s wrist while praying to god to protect him from evil, and the brother gives an exceptional gift to their sisters in return. 

To make this Raksha Bandhan special for your sibling, you must buy one of the best Raksha Bandhan gifts this year. 

Gone are the days when cash or pens were given as gifts. Check out these top unique Rakhi gift ideas to surprise and make them feel special


  • 1. Handmade Designer Gift Hampers

  • If you’re looking for the perfect present for your sister, go for a handmade designer gift hamper. 

    This hamper comprises of a file or magazine holder to store files and books, a notebook to let out your thoughts, a set of bookmarks, a file with four handmade papers, a notepad box, a tray to hold documents, and envelopes. 

    There are multiple websites out there that offer to make this box for you for example

    Each product in this hamper is made by hand and using upcycled raw materials. This is an excellent eco-friendly and unique gift for Raksha Bandhan


  • 2. Wellness Gift Kit for Your Sister

  • The ideal gift for your little sister, who loves to spend time looking after her fitness, is a wellness gift kit. If she goes to the gym or practices exercises like swimming or gymnastics, this wellness kit would be an excellent choice for you. 

    This gift kit comes with cold and hot packs that can be an excellent way to ensure relief for tired muscles after she’s done with the exercising. 

    Mostly, a wellness gift kit comes with an aromatherapy spritzer, an eye therapy pack, and cold and hot packs. These ergonomically designed items ensure smooth blood circulation during workout days. 


  • 3. Handmade Photo Album Boxes

  • Handmade items are eco-friendly, emotional, and sentimental items that symbolize affection towards the other person when given to someone as a gift. 

    A handmade photo album box is one such great handmade item, which makes one of the best Rakhi gifts. 

    With exceptional craftsmanship, the handmade photo album will be a valuable as well as a memorable gift for your sibling on this Raksha Bandhan. 

    Here is a link to the video where you can make your photo album box at home

  • 4. Seasonal Makeup Kits

  • If your sister is obsessed with makeup, has a makeup tutorial page on social media, and posts makeup photos and videos on YouTube, nothing would make her happier than a perfect seasonal makeup kit. 

    This hamper is ideal for your beauty enthusiast sister as it comes with a loofah, a natural lavender lip scrub, and a spa bar made with natural ingredients like rosemary and basil. This is unique as it’s ideal for both your sister and the planet due to the sole use of natural ingredients only. 


  • 5. Planter Gift Set

  • A bamboo planter gift set is one of the best gifts for Raksha Bandhan, especially if your sister has a green thumb. This gift set comes with two planters and two cases, explicitly made with bamboo. 

    This is an excellent and unique alternative gift choice to the non-biodegradable counter ones. The best bamboo planters are 100% biodegradable, and your sister will love something as special and exciting as bamboo as its base material. 


  • 6. Bath Selections Box For Your Brother

  • This rakhi gift box comes with a body and face scrub duo by Essential Extracts, which are the perfect home spa items that your sister will appreciate. 

    These vegan duo scrubs are mostly made with handpicked and organic seeds that are ground, dusted to powder, and entirely natural. 

    By not using any artificial fragrance, it’s genuinely a cruelty-free and unique gift idea. 


  • 7. Electronic Gadgets 

  • In the era of rapid digitization, everyone has to upgrade themselves to the latest technology available for gadgets. From attending meetings and making calls to listening to music and audio files, we rely on smart gadgets for these things. 

    Thus, electronic gadgets would make the best rakhi gift this August. For instance, your sibling wants a neckband or earbuds for an immersive music listening experience. 

    Or your sibling may be saving for months to buy a Bluetooth speaker or a smartwatch. In that case, choosing an electronic gadget like the GOVO earbuds or Bluetooth headphones will be a smart gift choice. 


  • 8. Subscriptions To Their Favorite OTT Platforms

  • If your sibling loves to watch web series and movies, you can surprise them with a subscription to their favourite platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

    They will love this gift and simply not stop appreciating your unique present. The subscription will always keep your sibling entertained and let them enjoy the most out of their free time.


    If you are on a budget but want to still gift your sister the best gift possible on Raksha Bandhan 2022 you might want to check these blogs out





  • What Is The Best Gift Of Rakhi?

  • Any of these above-mentioned unique gift ideas can turn out to be the best gift for Rakhi. 

    However, if you’re looking for suggestions, it’s best to go with electronic gadgets like earbuds or Bluetooth headphones. 

    That’s because - let’s face it - we all love something that can be of daily use, be attractive enough for some show-off, and digital! And smart electronic gadgets are the solution to that. 


  • What Is The Date For Rakhi?

  • The date for Rakhi this year is on Thursday, 11th August 2022.

    Check out our best Raksha Bandhan gits for your sister blog to explore more gifting ideas