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Best Sports Earbuds To Keep You On The Move

Music has always been an adrenaline booster for athletes who seek to be the best. Earlier, doing exercise or running while wearing earphones was a hectic task with all those tangled wires. 

Today, the best sports earbuds have become the next-level companion of athletes. Not only does it eliminate wires, but it also ensures a sonic sound experience. The best-in-class earbuds from top brands like GOVO are specifically designed to elevate your workout, running, or athletic sessions. 

Before we take you to the world of GOVO’s top-class earbud collection, let’s learn which earbuds are the perfect choice for sports. 


Which Earbuds Are Best For Sports?

The best earbuds for working out are the ones that come with these factors: 


  • Long Battery Life:

  • No one wants an interruption in music while doing their favourite exercises at the gym. Your earbuds getting out of charge can be annoying, especially when you’re preoccupied with an intense workout session. Thus, the best sports earbuds have long battery life, which supports up to 25-35 hours of non-stop music playtime. 


  • Water & Sweat Resistance:

  • Earbuds that ensure optimal water and sweat resistance are excellent for sports. Sweat contains salt, which can be destructive to your earbuds. Also, if your earbuds are incapable of repelling water, it’s likely to incur damage. Thus, earbuds having an IPX rating for water resistance are great for sports. 


  • Long Bluetooth Range:

  • Earbuds that offer up to 30 feet of seamless connectivity via the latest Bluetooth technology are excellent choices for sportspeople. It will make sure that you won’t face any mid-run connectivity issues. 


  • Ergonomic Fit:

  • The best sports earbuds ensure a comfortable and convenient fit to let you focus on your run or exercise and not the aching ears. Earbuds with ergonomic design not only provide the perfect fit for optimal comfort but also eliminates the ambient noise from entering your ears. 


    Best Earbuds For Working Out

    Best Sports Earbuds

    Battery Life


    IPX Rating

    Driver Size


    GOBUDS 600

    33 hours





    GOBUDS 902

    20 hours





    GOBUDS 920

    30 hours





    GOBUDS 901

    20 hours





    GOBUDS 400

    20 hours





    GOBUDS 621

    25 hours





    GOBUDS 410

    20 hours







    1. GOBUDS 600

    If you’ve to pick any single set of running earbuds from GOVO, you should grab the GOBUDS 600. This GOVO model has everything you see in other brand earbuds, all combined into one small set of buds. No matter how sweaty you get, these GOVO earbuds won’t move or loosen, and they won’t hurt when you’re up for an hour or 90-minutes of an intense workout/running session. 

    Like several other earbuds, it comes with multifunctional touch controls that need just a simple, gentle press to pause/play audio, three presses to return, two presses to skip, etc. Don’t worry about getting confused: GOVO provides a simple manual guide for easy understanding. The best feature about this earbud is its long battery life, which ensures up to 33 hours of non-stop music performance. 

    Furthermore, it comes with an ergonomic design for a comfortable fit and lets you run without hassle. Also, you can run up to 30 feet of distance while enjoying seamless connectivity with its Bluetooth 5.0 technology. 


    2. GOBUDS 902

    These true wireless earbuds from the house of GOVO barely protrude from your ears. These 100% button-free earbuds let you play/pause/skip music or calls without any hassle. 

    These earbuds come with a unique ergonomic design that won’t fully seal the ears but will eliminate ambient noise and provide exceptional audio quality with a convenient fit. 

    There’s no point in questioning this GOVO model when it comes to audio quality. The excellent 10mm driver ensures top-notch sound quality and deep bass for the ultimate music listening experience. The earbuds will deliver a non-stop battery life for the next 20 hours with just 2 hours of charging. 


    3. GOBUDS 920

    There’s a reason why the GOBUDS 920 is insanely popular among athletes. We love this earbud model from the collection of GOVO for its many features and benefits at an affordable price. 

    They’re safer, convenient, and better than any other earbuds model. These small, ergonomic earbuds go straight into your ear canal and stay there for hours without causing any ache. 

    Unlike other earbuds from different brands that completely block your ear, the GOBUDS 920 is a safer setup as it won’t cover the ears entirely and will ensure a convenient fit for long-term usage. 


    4. GOBUDS 901

    This budget-friendly GO VO earbud option is a deal-breaker. We were quite impressed with its deep bass and true stereo-quality sound with clarity. These earbuds will let you enjoy crisper and precise music notes, no matter where you exercise. 

    If your gym is crowded during sessions, take no worries as the earbud’s passive noise cancellation feature eliminates ambient sound and lets you focus on your music and workout only. The multifunctional touch controls are responsive, helpful, and easily accessible. 

    The ergonomic design ensures a snug fit for comfortable long-term usage, which is excellent too. 


    Need More Options From GOVO’s Collection? Check GOBUDS 400, 621, & 410!

    GOVO understands the need for long-lasting, sturdy, snuggly, water-resistant, and good sound quality earbuds for the athletes, all at an affordable price. To let them enjoy more GOBUDS options for making an informed buying decision, GOVO introduces the GOBUDS 400, 621, and 410 models. 

    All these GOVO earbuds not only ensure an extended battery life of up to 15-25 hours but also offers the excellent sound quality, true bass, passive noise cancellation, seamless connectivity for up to 30 feet, Google and Siri enabled voice assistant, dual pairing mode, and super ergonomic design for a comfortable fit. The best part? GOVO provides all these features in each model while keeping the price as low as possible. 


    Do Earbuds Fall Out When Exercising?

    If you’re a gym lover or a runner, you’ll need earbuds that come with IPX-rated water and sweat resistance features. 

    Apart from protecting your earbuds, this feature will add another comfort level. As they repel moisture and sweat, their chances of becoming loose get too low during intense exercise sessions. 

    So, if you’re wearing earbuds from a top brand like GOVO, which offers an IPX5 water resistance feature, they won’t fall during exercise. 


    Final Words 

    With this ultimate guide on the best sports earbuds, you must’ve got hold of a range of options from the top brand - GOVO. So, determine which GOVO earbuds fit your budget while meeting all your requirements and bring it home.